Yeah I dont mean to get heated either. Its definitely a perception & in the end none of it really matters to caring for
your hair. Its all beautiful!!

ETA - i have thin hair too & dont focus on clumps much. As far as stringy/limp goes, have you tried protein? What is your texture (on app cant see sigs). If your hair is already dry protein could make it drier, but I like ION effective care for a good dose of protein & it is not drying. Or IAgirls gelatin treatment (recipe is on this board & the recipe section), it is a good hit of protein without weighing hair down. I follow it up with a light conditioner. Some do a DT afterwards depending on how their hair feels.

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Originally Posted by lcl0706
Oh I didn't take it that way from you at all :-) My hair is somewhere between fine and medium texture, and I actually just did a gelatin PT this morning... LOVED IT!!! I could tell as soon as I got out and started plopping that it was already springing up more than it used to. I added in some coconut and grapeseed oil for moisture just in case my hair rebelled against the protein, and I only left it on for 10 maybe 15 minutes max. Next time I do it I'll try longer, but I wanted to take it easy the first time. I think it's safe to say my hair doesn't hate protein though!
2a/b, high porosity, fine strands, average density, just about shoulder blade length

My hair loves moisture!

currently mod-cg , using low-poo and not totally cone-free yet. I'll get there though!