If you ever need to do a low-poo, CVS Baby Wash is great. The main surfactant is Decyl Glucoside which isn't super common to see on it's own, usually it's used as a complementary ingredient, but it's very mild and recommended for sensitive skin. At the same time, it is one of the few non-ionic non-sulfate options that actually gives you a great lather and can remove product build up! A couple things to note, this product has some acidity, and has a high amount of humectant. Although that pretty much just rinses off so I'm not sure it does much when used in shampoo.

Coconut oil is pretty cheap and is a great deep treatment. Also, the gelatin protein treatment is super cheap and effective. Depending on your hair type of course.
2a/b, high porosity, fine strands, average density, just about shoulder blade length

My hair loves moisture!

currently mod-cg , using low-poo and not totally cone-free yet. I'll get there though!

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