She's always, perpetually undecided though. It's her m.o.
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I find it no more shocking than the people who are far left or far right and don't want to even consider anything else. I just plan to listen to everything and watch all the debates before I make my final decision.
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You know you can find everything they will say in the debates on each candidate's website. Waiting until the final debate will probably be frustrating. They aren't going to introduce anything different this late on the game & if they do they would lose their credibility.

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When people say they are undecided, I don't think it necessarily means that they don't know what the candidates' platforms are, or that they are waiting to hear anything new from the candidates. Sometimes, they know what the candidates are about but are waiting to decide inside themselves as to which values they prioritize and which things they can live without versus the ones they must have.
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