Is anybody else doing something different with their hair for the winter months?

My skin and hair usually get dry during winter so I went shopping and got some products that should last until November. Then I will repurchase if this new routine works.

I'm gonna start rubbing coconut oil on my scalp every night and sleeping with a bag on it or baggying only with coconut oil every night. Then in the morning I will rinse out and cowash.

Each weekend I will do a deep protein treatment. I've been doing deep moisturizing conditioners almost 3 times a week for the past 2 years so now I'm reinviting the protein back in on a regular basis.

Also, I bought this comb that I heard raving reviews on from the curly community and I'm hoping it will help with my detangle routine.

Background: this March 2013 will mark my 3 years of growing out my hair starting with a skin bald head. I will then have 7 more years to go in my 10 year grow out routine. I have not had any trims and I do check my hair for split ends each week.

My hair is now long down past the middle part of my back. I think it will be down past my tailbone by spring 2013.

Winter Routine-imageuploadedbycurltalk1349733223.150839.jpg

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