Hey I was just thinking about you. Have you talked to your school counselor? I really hope your not afraid to. I'm sure you are confused and don't know what to do but I promise you you HAVE to get out of that situation! You can come live with me if you want a safe haven. I mean it. I'm in Columbus ohio and I will come and get you. What state are you in?
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I didn't go to school today. I've been very sick lately. Hopefully I'll go tomorrow. I can't see myself explaining what's going on to anyone. I can't stand asking for help.I'm staying in mississippi but I know if I could just tell my grandma or my other aunt wants going on they wouldn't hesitant to come get me. I just don't want to feel like a burden.
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You are NOT a burden. They would feel worse to know that this is happening and they didn't know about it. You are asking for safety and security; these are basic human rights. This is too much for you to carry on your shoulders.
We care, I hope you get that message loud and clear. (((((Big hugs)))))
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