Well really Im pretty sure they (im not sure who they are )but someone just came up with the 2a-4c hair types because they wanted us curlies to use it as a reference... Most people dont have dead on 3c hair or 4b hair... whatever we just choose the type that has the most similar characteristics and properties as our own hair.

Now I must say I am a person who believes in freedom of speech and everyone deserves to have an opinion but some opinions I feel can be a bit out of line, to the first curly who made the remark about the making up a curl pattern and so on I feel you have the right to express your opinion however I felt like you were indirectly attacking the person who made this thread and no matter how nicely you may put something doesnt mean its not going to have the same affect as if you were to state your opinion directly. I feel that the woman who posted her thread really felt that she had in between hair types and you should have accepted and RESPECTED that.

I am not a "lets make love /peace not war" person but I feel that we should be able to express our thoughts and opinions without being disrespectful we deal with enough drama in our daily lives we should be able to come on this forum and discuss this thing we call hair and other subjects correctly but then this is naiive for me to think since this forum contains thousands of active members with a blend of different personalities

Finished with my rant

P.s sorry to the original individual who posted this thread I get where youre coming from and there is nothing wrong with what you said