Oh geez... Here we go again.
Why can't we just get along. If she wants to catagorize her hair as 3D why does it have to indicate she doesn't like kinky hair. Why can't it be that she can't find where she fits in that funky system and thinks there should be another catagory. Andre Walkers original system didn't even include 3C or 4C. I recall reading about 3C right here on NC in a sticky a few years ago. Why, because people didn't feel they were a 3B or a 4A so 3C was born. Same with 4C.
I know for some this natural hair thing is a political statement, but it isn't for all of us. Some just like the way their hair looks, some were tired of being a slave to a salon, some wanted healthier hair, some wanted longer hair, some just wanted to jump on the bandwagon, and a multitude of other reasons. And for some it's a political statement.
We shouldn't assume that her reason for suggesting a new category was anything other then what she indicated. IMO it is usually better to take a person at face value until actions or words indicate otherwise. I have found that when I make assumptions not based on fact or actions or words, it's my issue and not theirs.
It sounds to me like she had an idea that she wanted to share.
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I could not agree with you any more you took the words from my mouth ... She did not petition to make a new hair category it was innocent what she did, for her 3c/4a=3d so what and I just did not agree that korkscrew said "there was an elephant in the room that she was pointing out" because none of us know this woman personally and why she wanted to classify herself as 3d