I am not sure on the curl type that I have but it has S waves on top and ringlets underneath. It takes an age to dry and is damaged from colouring so does that mean it is porous? It is quite brittle and breaks easily and is fine and flyaway.

Anyway, I am sooooo fed up of the constant frizz battle! It is has a halo of frizz (random individual very curly hair strands sticking out from my head) especially at the top where my hair is more straight.

I co-wash with Tresemme naturals and leave some in. I squeeze with a T shirt and then use Deva curl conditioning gel. I then diffuse using the pixie whatsit method until it is almost dry. I leave it alone then until it is bone dry and then sotc. The frizz starts to appear even when my hair is wet. I can't get nice 2nd day hair as the frizz is just awful and if I use a lavander water spray it makes it worse.

I am in the UK so if anyone recommends any products etc it would be fab if they are available in the UK.

I hope someone can help as I'm soooo fed up with it