I know you said drugstore and this isnt cheap in my opinion i think its about 20.00 and at aveyou you can use a coupon code but curl junkie curl rehab is worth the money. I normally wouldnt spend that much on hair stuff but its def worth it. when I cant afford that I just add evoo and honey warm it up in the microwave for a couple seconds add in my regular conditioner (tressame naturals) put it on and sit under a hooded dryer for 20 min.
another way is id just put tons of conditioner in my hair, i do four big sections ( i do that all the time anyway either way) then go back over each section with evoo, do big chunky twist to each section heat cap and under hooded dryer for 20 min.

naptural85 has a couple home made ones on there with yogurt.
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