None of the smileys are smiley enough! NONE OF THEM! You are the queen of compliments, Saria!! Even though this smiley is insolently wearing your crown instead of carrying it to you on a pillow, I will allow it to live so long as it makes the delivery in the end. Can't exactly shout "off with your head" at a thing with no body, anyway.

But seriously, this:
Tune in next post, when a battleship goes up against a tiny defenseless village with a population largely comprised of small children.
Heh. Sokka's response to potential threats: point a spear at 'em. His response to unconscious children: poke 'em with a stick. Squee! I love that Aang's first act upon awaking from an ice sphere with no clue how he got there (or if he's lying, not knowing how long he's been in there) and seeing a total stranger in foreign garb is to ask said stranger to go penguin sledding with him. This is clearly Priority #1 in such a situation.
FLAWLESS COMMENTARY IS FLAWLESS! And it is impossible to not love Iroh, truly.

First, I wanted to know who was throwing shade at beans. Then, I pictured a bean lamp. I may or may not have then tried to find pics of such a lamp on the internet and been surprised that nothing very recognizably bean-like came up.
You randomness gives me life!

Holy crap, who writes the referenced fanfics?? One word: NOPE. Those characters had better not be trying to put those things into human women. Not unless the women all have a bizarre sci-fi affliction in which they are somehow able to live with singularities in their cervices.
You see? Commentary like this is why your blog is unequivocally the best. Unarguable fact!

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Also, let the record show that Saria never admitted to reading loads of smutty fanfiction.

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