The first product I tried from Shea Moisture was their Deep Treatment Hair Mask and it DRIED my hair out and made it feel gunky and stiff and ...well I used it right, but it was so wrong for me. I was iffy on trying their Moisture Retention Shampoo but I gave in and I LOVE it! It makes my hair so nice and helps it to be soft. Why would two products from the same line with seemingly similar ingredients react so differently in my hair? Any ideas?
2(I have no idea what pattern), low porosity, mix of medium and coarse, dense

*Have just discovered the amazingness that is the "Spritz and Condish" routine*

Shampoo: SM Moisture Retention Shampoo
Co-wash: VO5 Vanilla Mint Tea Clarifying Conditioner
RO: GVP CB, Garnier Triple Nutrition
LI : Whatever conditioner I used + EVOO or Argon oil
Stylers: Organix Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Creme, EcoStyler Gel (krystal)