Hey there!
Anywhere else this might sound weird but I believe many curlies have a similar problem so...
I've been looking for a good stylist like forever, first one that worked with the Devachan method but there is not a single one in the entire country or something similar which was also hopeless.
No my sister (2-3a curls) got a haircut somewhere nearby and it's really pretty even though cut wet, done by a stylist with curly hair.

My hair really needs a trim and some freshening up but I'm scsred it will go erong because she says she'll have to comb it and when I try to comb my hair I get two layers...but her curls look really good so I'm tempted. Plus I'm noz entitely happy with the curly girl method anymore so masbe she's right and not the handbook?
Anyone got any advice? Btw. I'M a 3c

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