The top layers of my hair are the shortest because of a necessary chop I self-performed over a year ago. On the sides of my head, not the "bangs" or the back, I'm finding that the last couple of inches of these layers, which reach about the length to my ear if I stretch them out, feel dry and brittle even when soaked with KCKT. They're where horns would be if I was a goat or something. These sections of hair feel like a different texture from the rest of my hair, and sometimes they feel almost melted together because they get so knotted up.

I find myself accidentally tearing knots out of my hair at least once a day, and I've had to cut out several impossible tangles.

It wouldn't seem as odd if this was happening with the longer hair, that's been attempting to survive on my head for years. But this is the shortest hair on my head, and only on the sides of my head. Is this typical of hair, or am I possibly doing something to aggravate this hair.

Also, this top "canopy" layer is the part of my hair most affected by frizz and dew points. If any part of my hair is going to frizz and not curl, it's this part.
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