I had that issue. I just kept wearing twistouts. Roll pin and tucks are great. A lot of tutorials on YouTube. You can try flat twists and updos. For your ponytail holders you may want to consider buying like goody ouch less headbands. Those are what I use. Before I'd buy the regular ponytail holders and then I started buying a plastic one that swore not to snatch my hair. They did anyway but I just use the headband the black skinny ones because they are great and don't snatch my hair. Plus I can control how tight I'd like to get the ponytail one loop or two. You can also try twist n curls or Bantu knot outs- many tutorials on YouTube. Good examples are from naptural85, mahoganycurls, makeupanbeautyjunkie, blakizbeautiful and many more. Hope this helps. The awkward stage will pass just be patient and try different things. One other style would be finger coils too.
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