If a cat doesn't like you, don't take it personally. He might just be a sociopath:

How much do cats actually kill? [Infographic] - The Oatmeal

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Loved that. But who didn't know that cats kill things? As a kid, my cat Devil used to bring huge rabbits into the house and run up the stairs and into my closet with them. It used to freak my sister out (we shared a room). My boss finds a headless mouse on his back steps nearly every day. It's what they do.
Except for my Pita. In the 11 years I had her, she never even killed a bug. She would often hunker down and look like she was going to chase birds. Then she would decide that just laying there was better. She did once chase a chipmunk. When she got close it stopped and turned around. Then she stopped and turned around to look at me like "what do I do now?!"
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I'm sure their "study" was bogus. It was just a humourous approach to the subject.

My cat loved showing up with a lizard or mouse tail dangling from her mouth. It was odd when she'd find a praying mantis. They'd stare at each other and the mantis would look like it was doing an eerie dance the way it swayed from side to side. I looked like a hypnosis session. My following cat was useless. We tried to get him to kill a tarantula, but he just stared at it. It made me wonder if it was a gender thing. I remember hearing that lions don't do as much hunting as lionesses.