I just did not agree that korkscrew said "there was an elephant in the room that she was pointing out" because none of us know this woman personally and why she wanted to classify herself as 3d
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Yeah, your ad hominem attack is ill-placed. My initial response was conceptual, not personal; a response to the OP's question in a general sense, not re: her possible motivation. Can't read people's minds, thank God. After a minute I imagine it would feel like being poached alive in the boiling seas of Hell.

1. I noted my opinion that a "3d" category is impractical and redundant, in direct response to the OP's question.

2. Noted that, in addition to impracticality, SOME people (I've witnessed and heard about) act out a "good hair/bad hair" complex with the "3d" category.

The "elephant in the room" (#2) is what I felt wasn't being acknowledged. I never targeted anyone in this thread as having the "good hair / bad hair" complex of which I speak.

Unless someone fits into the sub-category of people who have the insecurity complex I speak of, I have no idea why there would be a defensive reaction to me simply noting the fact of the existence of the complex.

3. i acknowledged that people get to label their hair whatever they'd like, my personal observations and thoughts be damned.

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