I've been following this thread and just had to respond again. Throughout history, curls have been thought to be the epitome of feminine beauty (and in many cases, masculine beauty also). The Venus de Milo has cascading red curls, as she steps on the shell. Goya's Naked Maja has black curls. The Gibson Girl look of the 1890's had curls piled on top of her head. Even the flappers of the 20's had their curls. Historically, I think straight hair became "au courant" in the 1960's, with the interest in Native American cultures, Indian culture, and icons such as Mary Travers from Peter, Paul and Mary; joan Baez and Joni Mitchell. I do think, and I say this again, that curly hair is associated with ethnicity, and can be a subtle form of prejudice. But this too shall pass. And right, I dont see any curly anchors, and dont expect to any time soon.