Huff Po is left wing????? I don't think so!

eta: I'd say both those sites are liberal / centrist / left of centre, but not truly left-wing.
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If it makes you feel better I'll change to left-leaning. It really doesn't matter for my original statement. My point is that the mainstream media (that's supposed to be left wing according to the Republicans) does NOT cover this stuff.
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But the Huff Po story says they got the story from the Arkansas Times (which I don't imagine is left leaning?)and some business site, which I wouldn't think is left leaning either. And a google search of the man's name shows the story is on msn, amongst other blogs and sources. A lot of the other stories rou posts seem to me to be readily available - I mean, if she can find them, so can anyone, right? I'm not saying you can't post a commonly available story for comment, or what would be the point of this site, but I am saying that I would be very surprised if the posts were actually first time news or a surprise to many people here. (I hope I'm not wrong about that!)
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I'm not suprised by it at all but I didnt know about it until I read it here. But I don't read the news everyday and if I do it's the main headlines on CNN. I doubt that this is that major of a news story. I'm not offended by rou's post but then again, I don't know the history or what else she has posted in the past about Americans.