Another FSG experimenter here... so far I have just made the plain gel which I am LOVING, but still have some pesky surface frizz which just may be something I live with, but I'm wondering about adding stuff to my FSG to help...

I am very sorbitol and non-keratin protein sensitive, so I am hesitant with Agave nectar, honey, and AVG, though my hair doesn't seem to mind KCCC, which contains some/all of those things (well, aloe vera juice, at least). Anyone else with sorbitol sensitivity who has used agave or honey with some success?

I just got some Vitamin E oil so I may start there - it's mixed with safflower oil, which is fine in small quantities for me, so mixed in with the FSG it may be fine...

(does anyone else's bathroom more closely resemble a kitchen these days??)
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