I'm glad Romney finally acted like he wanted to win this thing.
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I am too because it makes a more interesting debate, though I disagree with the OP that Obama was "taken to the cleaners". The president could have held Romney's feet to the fire more, plus, at times Obama shouldn't have been so tangential, but Romney's mistakes were more troublesome:

1. He several times openly refused to reveal any details about his economic or national security plans. And Obama called him on it, but should have done so even more imo.

2. He demonstrated extremely poor impulse control as it regards his interaction with the moderator. That signals potential problems with his leadership style. We don't need another bully representing the US in post-911 America. And I do believe there are plenty of Americans viewers for whom the fact of Romney's behavioral problem was not lost.

ETA: Another problem - and it extends beyond the scope of the debates - is Gov. Romney's tenuous relationship with the truth of his own policy positions. I posted the following youtube vid somewhere else on the board too:

Mitt Romney Flip Flop Collection

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