Can DD wear a bathing cap while swimming to protect her hair? Then would there be a need for her to have it washed afterward?
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I agree with this. You need to remove the need for your SIL to do anything to her hair.

I don't know what your daughters hair type is (I think I remember that you said you were mixed?) but if it's in the 3 - 4 range, you can also braid/twist her hair a la beads, braids, and beyond (Beads, Braids and Beyond: Style Gallery). This way, it'll be too much trouble for her to undo the style to wash and press it
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This sounds like a good solution. What a nightmare and a real power tug-of-war.

Kind of reminds me when I was visiting my grandmother and my dad's sister, whose hair was a different texture from mine, decided that my hair didn't have enough "sheen." And then she proceeded to unload half-a-jar of Ultra Sheen on my head. I looked a hot mess. A greasy hot mess.

But the difference between my situation and your daughter's is that I could wash the grease out. As others have noted, your SIL could do serious damage to your daughter's hair.
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