My "behavior" was typing my opinion of what you said. Since we're characterizing each other's behavior, yours seems to be that of insecurity. How dare these 4s call themselves 3s.
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Interesting interpretation and I don't see that statement you're making "How dare you ..." as facetious, or even dialectical. You misunderstand: I've twice now said anyone is free to label/mislabel themselves. I've also twice stated a fact about some of the "good-hair"/"bad hair" dynamic that plays itself out via dissociation with 4 hair. If you're never heard or this happening, or you've never witnessed someone doing it, so be it. I have. We simply have different experiences and/or opinions on the matter. Nothing to get up in arms about, really. I'm not pointing to every 4, or you.

The 4s I see on here all seem to accept their natural curls. Why shouldn't they!? Tightly coiled hair is beautiful!
I agree that people should accept their natural curls. And I fully agree that tightly coiled hair is beautiful (just a gorgeous as any other type of curl). But that's not what society teaches people and you see THAT is why there are some coily girls - not all - who have a hard time fully accepting it (on or offline).

As usual, the truth is somewhere in the middle: there are people who love their coils, others who are Okay with them, and some who are in denial and have issues. To pretend this last mindset doesn't exist ... I'm just not sure what to tell you.

I think you are disingenuous by repeatedly posting about 4s having this complex ...
I've repeated my original point in order to respond to your reaction to it, otherwise I've stated it once. There's no logical reason for demonizing the content of what anyone said when it's perfectly factual. Shooting the messenger is pointless.
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The interesting thing is that I have never seen you go on the wavy board and complain about wavies secretly wanting tighter curls. I have seen some wavies complain about weak waves and wanting curlier hair. Where is your response?? I also have never seen you talk about curlies secretly wanting looser or tighter curls. I have seen some people complain about that as well. Perhaps I missed your posts on that? The only thing you repeat time and again is this good hair/bad hair issue that you say some tightly curly people have (ie 4s.) That is the only thing you seem to take issue with. I wonder why that is so important to you but these other issues are not... Hmm.