person: "I love your dreadlocks!"
me: "they're not dreads, they're just really curly"
person: "that's the same thing though, isn't it? I thought that's what you call Black people hair"

This was from a girl with dreads....yes.

I also get asked how I comb my hair and if I just sleep on my hair instead of a pillow. People also always assume that I want straight hair.
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The first is just plain ignorant.

Your hair is so CUTE! How could anyone think you would want it straight? Dumb, dumb, dumb.
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aw, thank you!

I don't really get why some people go out of their way to tell curlies to straighten their hair. Do they want everyone to conform? I don't know but I think the idea is that straight hair is "normal" hair. When I told one guy that I like my hair curly he suggested to straighten it permanently and then curl it with a curling iron every day.... I can't even try to understand the logic behind this.
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Right?! What about the people who work in the mall at those booths (one of my pet peeves because they are often so freaking rude) who run after you with a flat iron?'s just, oooh! Makes me so mad!