Interesting. Romney took Obama to the cleaners last night and there has been no defense of Obama or excuses here.
How odd.
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Aside from the fact that President Obama actually has been well defended in an extensively long thread already (as Kitschy mentioned), there are some objective indicators that Romney still has a very difficult road to possibly winning the election. Even after the first debate ...

1. Intrade has President Obama with a 62.5% chance of winning the election.

2. Real Clear Politics collective polls continue to reveal a likely win for Obama in most battle ground states, despite national consensus that they are neck-to-neck, because Romney will have to put out multiple fires in almost every battleground state in order to mathematically win.

3. Another pesky little problem for Team Romney is the unemployment rate dropping to 7.8% right after the debate. The first time since February of 2009 that it's gone below 8%. (There goes that "8%" talking point.)

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