When people see me they just know that I am mixed. They always ask me what I am. But I'm mixed with ...not really a lot but just a variety. I am a teeny bit Blackfoot Indian and I am African American, Puerto Rican and white. But no one ever knows. I get Arab or just Puerto Rican a lot of the time. Some people just come up to me and start blabbering in Spanish and I give them this dumbfounded look and they say no habla ingles? Or sometimes they will say things in English then switch to Spanish and if I answer them back in the little Spanish I do know they'll be like omg you know Spanish.. It's so weird sometimes..
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Yes, girl, I can definitely relate to this! I live in South Florida which has a big Hispanic/Latino population and people speak Spanish to me all the time. I'm very fair-skinned but with very dark hair and dark eyes, so perhaps that explains why people often think I'm Cuban or Dominican or anything but what I really am...black and white, with some Indian and Lebanese ancestry in the mix.

I don't speak Spanish at all (it is a must if you live in Miami) and it can be a bit awkward when people expect you to carry on a conversation when you don't speak their language or if they've mistaken you for another ethnicity.

I've also been mistaken for Asian (how crazy is that?!) I figure it's because they think that every petite woman under 5'3" who has light skin and dark hair must be Asian.