I get that question all the time or i get "what are you mixed with" "what's your nationality". It's really no big deal to me......I just say I'm mixed with my mom and dad and they giggle.

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The question about nationality always bothers me, because people tend to phrase it incorrectly. "Nationality" means where a person was born or what country they come from, which is different from race/ethnicity.

I've had to explain to people that my race/ethnicity is multiracial (black, just to make things short) but my nationality is American because I was born in this country and I've always participated in things that are traditionally American, although I embrace my Jamaican heritage as well. People also hear an American accent coming from me, so it kind of makes no sense to ask me where I come from or compliment me on how well I speak English when I've spoken it my whole life (yes, this has happened to me).