I'm trying to figure out how the SIL being "unattractive" is relevant to this story...

Your beef is with your husband. If you don't like how the kids' hair is being treated, you need to take it up with him. He is the one letting his sister mess up their hair.
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I took her post as she also has had beef with the SIL. I've been there myself with both my SILs and my MIL. During that time I probably called them worse things than unattractive. Sometimes a person just needs to vent and it may take a form that doesn't seem relevant to the issue, but I completely can understand why.

Or, maybe it is relevant in that she's using unattractive to mean her SIL doesn't have any hair, doesn't know how to grow/care for hair, and therefore shouldn't be messing with her daughter's hair. JUST KIDDING! lol