It's the negativity that bothers me.

If someone is taking pictures for art, or even at an event like a race, I am fine with it. In that case it serves a purpose other than simply mocking someone.

Posting pictures on Facebook just to demean other people seems petty to me.

Particularly when the person's face is in the picture - it bothers me less when someone just posts a picture of some crazy shoes or something.

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Originally Posted by cmb4314
^ This. I don't take pictures of people but if I did, it would be because I admire something about the person...I'm very into beauty/fashion and I'm artistic. If I see a woman with gorgeous hair or something, I'm completely inspired and I wish I could capture that in a picture. Sorry if I sound creepy (I promise I'm not!)

I don't see the point in taking a picture of some stranger simply to mock them on the Internet. That's just cruel. Like with the Sikh woman with excessive facial hair who was photographed without her consent and her picture was uploaded to least the person who took the picture and posted it apologized to her.

But I wonder how often this happens. People of Walmart, anyone? While I do have my personal opinions about the way I see many people presenting themselves in public (sloppy/dirty/wearing clothes that are inappropriate or too small on a very large person) I would never try to shame anyone by making fun of them or taking pictures of them. It's just not right.

This is also why I told my cousin to stop posting half-naked pics of herself on Facebook. She is a grown woman, but not everyone wants to see your butt in a thong on a social networking site...and you don't know where the pictures will end up. All the men who "like" her pics are perverts. She is also not in the best physical shape, so that might open her up to some criticism and cruelty from people who find it funny to pick on larger women.