Is it long enough to do twists? I recently BCd my daughter's hair. She also has 4 type hair. I used to struggle so much with her hair before I found this site.

Anyway, I keep it in twists which helps keep it from getting too tangled. I also keep her hair VERY moisturized. She has fine hair so once a week I do a protein treatment followed by a DC. Her hair is really soft and easy to detangle now that I'm learning how to care for it better.

I made a shea butter, mango butter, evoo and essential oil mix that her hair soaks up. I either use it or SM Smoothie (if I'm too lazy to thaw out my homemade mix) to twist her hair. Under it I either use TN or PM The Conditioner. Sometimes I also twist with KCCC. I usually take her twists down about midweek so she can wear a twistout to school.

I don't know if any of this will help you... But best of luck!