Hey everyone,

How can I get Rick Fox curls and what type of hair do I have? Im guessing 2C or 3A. I'm trying to get a thicker s curl patter that will make my hair look more full. I'm growing it out again.

This is the last time i grew it out years ago:



As you can see, I need more bulk and texture. I've always struggled with styling since my hair is hard to manage and goes in all sorts of directions. For this reason, I have to buzz it normally which I actually don't mind.

What I'm aiming for:



What are some tips and is my "goal" possible? Thanks!
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At the short length you have now, it's hard to know exactly what it will do when longer. Usually tighter curls like yours loosen up considerably with the weight of the hair, but not always ... and it's hard to know yet how long your hair needs to grow before the curl pattern changes significantly. You should just grow it out and see what you get. It will probably look great. It looks healthy and great already

... but remember Rick Fox is bi-racial which plays a major factor in what type of hair he has, your curls aren't to far off from his he just has more of a coarse hair texture.
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Oh they both look really racially mixed and frankly, I think Fox's hair looks straighter than the OPs. But I agree with you about the texturizer suggestion: really bad idea for what he wants to achieve.
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Oh I meant to say bi-racial as in black or african american