Fifi, thank you, and I'm glad you enjoyed the link as much as I did.

I just cleaned perhaps the most disgusting lowboy I have ever seen.
I started grill on Monday and gave it a cleaning like it probably hasn't seen in months, but I neglected to remove the pans in place. Well, tonight I did and the sight was horrifying. There was a bunch of asparagus collected down there, along with florets of brown broccoli. The dishwashers were in absolute awe of the filth and helped me remove the drawers and scrub with a Brillo pad. The drawers were run through the dishwashing machine. It's still not completely clean that's how filthy it was, but I was already an hour past my scheduled time (11 PM) trying to close down.
I just don't understand. I don't understand how anyone can work in a station like that. I don't understand how anyone could ever allow a station to get to that level of filth. It's completely unacceptable. Keeping your station clean is a part of your job! WTF?!