The vet said it could take 12 hours before it started working, which will be around 11 so I've got a little while longer to go before it kicks in if that's accurate. I was getting worried earlier that maybe he was having a bad reaction to it due to how he was acting even though it hasn't been 12 hours yet. It's all just so confusing because I feel I don't know the right things to do for him and what if I make a wrong choice. I could have given him another pain medicine while we were waiting on the patch to kick in, but it must be taken with food and he won't eat anything.

At least he's sleeping for the moment until everyone comes in from picking up our last house guest from the airport. Then he'll be all worked up and awake again...such bad timing to have company.

Sorry to run on about it, even if nobody reads it I think it helps for me to get it out.

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