Hi, I am fairly new to CG method, only couple months now. I am absolutely loving my new hair- I never knew that I have wavy/curly hair!!! However I was hoping someone might chime in about how many products I am currently using. I feel I might be using too many products. Any suggestions would be great!
So first off, I have old processed/heat damaged hair plus about 8 inches of healthy unprocessed hair, therefore I have two different types of hair issues . Most of my hair is the old ratty stuff-so I will use that for my profile-2B course, med porosity med density. So the products I am currently using is as follow: cowash with Suave naturals, DT with CJ rehab (every time I cowash I do a DT) rinse, then I use CJ CCCCL(pea size) then AG Recoil (pea size) then KCCC with LALSG on top-plop for 20-30 mins then diffuse and then SOTC. My theory is CCCCL is LI/Styler- Recoil Styler KCCC-gel/styler and LALSG for hold-I like me some hold. KCCC is not enough hold for me living in FL!!!! Sorry was so long-

By the way-LOVING this site!!!!