So its been about 8 months now without curly hair. I posted a while ago and literally went and tried every possible way to get my curls back.I used a color oops hair dye remover and then John Freeda 3 day straight the combo of both has killed my hair. NOTHING works And my lest resort is to shave my head. Amber Rose Style. I permed it like an old lady grandma perm, it all fell out and i have patches of missing hair to prove it. Its constantly falling out and my bathroom floor and sink show proof of that. It's naturally straight, it gets greasy after a day. It took me 27 years to learn my curls and now i have a new head of hair that i have no clue how to handle. It curls a little better than it used to but its still not my old hair. Not a single stylist in my city has a clue what to do and i have been to about a dozen. If i shave it, there is no guarantee it will even come back curly, but at this point i think its a risk i'm willing to take. I never imagined that my hair would stress me out. But i seriously feel like i'm not myself anymore. As vain is it sounds my hair was a part of my and my character. Now its gone! I would love some feedback before i go full GI Jane and wear a head scarf for the next year! See my picsI'm About To Shave It Off-snapshot_20110605_14.jpg

I'm About To Shave It Off-imag0047.jpg

I'm About To Shave It Off-dsc_0252.jpg

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