... whereas my friend with very straight hair tried curling her hair and I kid you not it only lasted for about an hour or 2 before it was completely straight again.
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I remember this happening ages ago when I still chemically straightened my hair. It was very, very frustrating I could never get it completely straight (always had a weird wave or two), AND curling irons created only temporary curls when I tried to curl it. My hair looked awful.

Agree with you about all the different types of curls. I love that you can find different curl patterns on the same head, too. Honestly, I'm just in love with the way curls look all along the spectrum. Sometimes I stare at someone's curly hair - anyone's really, even my own at times - and think, "Wow, I can't believe something with that shape actually grows out of a scalp!" Straight hair just does not have an awe factor like that, for me.

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