I use coconut oil as a moisturizing treatment for my wiry grays and dry hair. I have low porosity hair and I don't mess with the cuticle (opening and shutting). I rub some oil between my hands til it melts and apply enough to moisturize my dry hair (I do not wet my hair first). I let it sit for an hour or so and shampoo out. Thats how I do it. Everyone does it different.

My newest moisturizing treatment that I love and hope don't stain the grays is:

Honey & olive oil (enough oil so you can spread the honey without pulling on the hair). I warm in the micro and apply to my dry not wet hair and let sit for an hour or so and poo out!!!!

Tip: The honey bear bottle only had a quarter cup or so left in the bottle so I added the oil to the honey bear bottle, so I don't have to mix using added dishes. Just reheat the bear bottle like ten seconds in micro and voilla, squeeze out your hot oil rx!!!

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