What happened to this thread? The OP was just asking a simple question, and I seriously doubt that she had the "good hair/bad hair" concept in her mind. As an African American young woman myself, I notice that most of us do tend to degrade our hair types, unfortunately. Specifically, it is the so called "kinky" hair type or "type 4." But again, it was a simple post. There was no "I'm trying to create another hair type because I don't want to put myself in the 4 category" undertone to the question. Korkscrew, I believe it was you who implied the whole "good hair/bad hair" concept. While I understand your point of view, the OP could have taken that as an attack to her motive for creating the thread. But you cleared that up, thankfully. To Kilajo, in your last post, you stated that you knew Korkscrew would respond, but by saying that, you have just encouraged her to say something in return. Why does this matter so much to you? Why did her "good hair/bad hair" comment affect to to that degree?

Ladies, you are both entitled to your opinions and this "healthy debate," but even debates have to end somewhere. I am not trying to bash either of you, but you are making something as insignificant as curl types into a big ordeal. Sadly, it does not seem like this debate will end until one of you gets the last word. Does anyone realize that the OP hasn't been on here? That she hasn't said anything?

(Disclaimer: this is my honest opinion)
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The good hair/bad hair debate is not the issue. It's the fact that she brought up this long dead thread and began her attack all over again. I'm simply playing her little game with her. It's amusing to me.