What helped me get off the weight was ditching most processed foods, most simple carbs, sugar, and fat. Which means no bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, nothing with more than 12g of sugar per serving (unless its milk or fruit) and watching the fat content. This means I cool like 95% of the food that enters my mouth because no matter how healthy you think the food is, unless you cooked it yourself, you are likely way off on the calorie and fat content.

I think the single thing thy helped was the simple carbs. For me, they cause serious bloating and make the belly fat stick around. I also track my food intake and it really opened my eyes to the little sneaky calories that you eat, don't think about, but that really add up. Maybe try tracking your intake for a week using something like myfitnesspal will help you find those sneaky calories.

Whatever you do, I second going to the doctor and getting a good work up and making sure there isn't anything underlying that might be causing the weight gain.

Good Luck!
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