I joined the MOMS club when my dd was about 3 months old. I was going bananas in my house and felt like I had to start meeting people. Like you I didn't know anyone in my town and I was really starting to get lonely.

I found that the moms were very nice and I didn't feel like it was cliquey, but I also felt like the only thing I had in common with a lot of them was that we had kids. They weren't necessarily people I would be friends with. Ironically I found it hard to actually socialize with people because everyone was chasing after their kids, so the main thing that brought us together was what was keeping us from really getting to talk to each other.

We had a monthly calendar with activities, and I liked that I didn't have to commit to anything. I could do as much or as little as I wanted to do.

Eventually a few of us with babies formed a play group and I liked that better because I knew I'd see the same people every week and it would be easier to become friends. It was fine, but I didn't really click with any of them. It's a craps shoot.

Later one of the moms I met at playgroup moved to my town and her kids go to school with my kids and we are friends today. That's when you really will meet people, when your kids go to school.

Overall I'm glad I joined. I found out a lot of information from other moms about local happenings and I did make a real friend from it. I also now have a lot of local acquaintances so I feel like I know people.
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