Hi there guys! I have a mix of 3a and 3b hair and am VERY prone to frizz too. I'll tell you what I've found to work quite well for me. I co wash, then deep condition and rinse out completely. While soaking dripping wet I apply a good chunk of KCCC on top of naked hair then I scrunch with a microfiber with my head upside down. Then I let it air dry. It drys all hard and stiff, but if you SOTC after its totally dry, you get super bouncy shiny curls with no frizz that last all day. I can get second day hair out of this routine too. I've found that when I use KCCC with a leave in (no matter what kind) my results are not as good.

This is definitely worth a try for you!

Location: Colorado
Avg. dew point: crazy low
3a/3b mix/medium porosity/medium density/coarse-ish texture with permanent color
*currently growing out a super short pixie*

2x weekly wash: Quidad Curl Quench
2x weekly condish: Quidad Curl Quench
DT: Quidad 12 Minute Deep Treatment
Style: Quidad Hydrafusion Curl Cream
2nd/3rd day refresh: Quidad Botanical Boost spray
Best trick ever: Flour sack towel for scrunching after product application.