Woke up sick, and have 3 sick babies on my hands all day, 1 of which has a fever. Would I be crazy to give them some de-caf herbal tea...
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When you say babies, How old are babies?

I think my mom was giving me hot toddies when I was sick by the time I was 4. But these were the days when nightquil(sp?) had alcohol in it. If they are over a year you can give them hot honey water with lemon.

last night i boiled lemon, ginger, mint, and honey with water. yummy and helped my tummy ache adn my head. I felt like i was coming down with a head cold or something.

I remeber this old chinese lady given my parents chinese tea when I was sick. it taste terrible, but i swear the next day I would always be better. she started giving it to us when I was 5.
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3yrs and two 18mth olds. I gave them some straight herbal tea last time they were sick (it was decaf and all natural and even half milk) and they hated it.
3 year old had a sore throat and would do the honey which was great but no sore throat this time just the all around blah's.
I got her to do a steam last time lol. But not longer than about 7 seconds so no luck with that..
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