I've been getting mine highlighted lately, and my stylist concentrates most of that on my canopy/top layer--its definitely less curly/wavy than the hair underneath, but the canopy tends to be more fried anyway, so its hard for me to say if its because of the coloring or not (I would guess it doesn't help, though!)
2c-Dry climate
Slightly Coarse/Low to Normal Elasticity/Varied Porosity (low at roots, higher at ends)
High density
Mod-CG since 2012

Current Routine (Mod-CG):
Cleanser/Co-wash: Oribe The Cleanse / AIA Coconut Co-wash
LI: Yes to Carrots Pampering Conditioner
Super Soaker
Styler: Homemade FSG with a small bit of coconut oil and LALSG
DT/PT: CJCR / Ion Reconstructor