SARIA YOU HAVE ALL THE BEST .GIFS. ALLLLLLL OF THEEEEMMMMM. You also give the best ego boosts ever! All those awards, all miiiine! Mwahahaha- ha-- um, no, I haven't been cackling while rolling around in a pile of shiny plastic people, what are you talking about? Clearly there is no latent megalomania here.

Seriously, though, I am smiling so hard after reading your post, I think it's giving my cheeks a workout.

I object to finding out about resizing the punctuation after having graduated college! It's not fair!

Also, I have a new blog post! It saved with a funny link title, but it and the first one look cleaner on the main page now because I put jumps in them.

The endoscopy revealed that my problem is due to an esophageal allergic reaction. I'll be swallowing rather than breathing asthma medicine from an inhaler for it soon. Hooray for actually having a clear diagnosis and treatment expected to actually end this problem! And YAY for straightforward, businesslike doctors who respect patients as clients and don't try to affect bedside manner if they don't naturally tend that way! I wish I'd been by my phone so I could've thanked him for the message.

I've only gotten halfway down page 2821, but I need to get out of this thread and get to sleep. I can post before knowing everything that came before. Yes I CAN, Brain. Shut up. We have somewhere to be tomorrow. Sleep now.
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I think I could deal with you taking over the world.

Funny that I checked your page last night to see if anything new had been posted and then I I wake up and hooray, new entry!
I ended up re-watching the first episodes after reading your recap, and I pretty much never watch those.

I'm not surprised you like Katara, but it always warms my heart because in typical fashion, she gets a lot of fandom abuse. Shocker, the two brown leads in this universe get a lot of abuse.
Aang is mostly my least favorite character on this show (well, of the main characters), but he's still great and you reminded me of what a cute, fun, charming kid he is.

Glad you got a diagnosis and a good doctor!