I've met plenty cats who were skittish of me bc I was a stranger....but I've never had a cat to actively dislike me. Ever..

No matter where I live, some cat will end up befriending me. Even if it's just one.

There have been times when I was just completely randomly walking and a cat will zoom from nowhere, tail up, greeting me like a long-lost friend. The Black Kat adopted us this way, in the parking lot at the old country store...

I inherited deep cat-love from my grandma. Unfortunately, severe cat allergies appeared when I was in my mid-20's

Case in point...hadn't been at the new place for a month yet, at the time I took this pic...he/she just appeared out of nowhere as my daughter and I were en route to the dumpster, and promptly presented its tummy to us.Do you get insulted when cats don't like you?-uploadfromtaptalk1349974025354.jpg

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