MEGA MISS: Denorex 2 in 1, Extra Strength and Conditioning - OMG, my hair felt like the desert mid week and I had to wash and condition last night, it was out of control. I am a firm believer in stipping the scalp and hair clean every week, but that business was beyond. My hair is truly not happy with me attttt alll. I twisted with heaps of JC NnS and will wear a beanie for the rest of the week to avoid manipulation.
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My neighbor gave me some Denorex shampoo back when I was relaxed because I told her I had dandruff. She said I could have it and no need to bring it back. I found out why. I was great on dandruff but it dried the hell out of my hair. I tossed that stuff.
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I hear you! I was revisiting some cabinet goodies this weekend and I thought, what the heck. Never again. I am going to use the rest to clean my tub.
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