I think Romney is too dang power hungry.i dont care that he is rich, not relatable to me, or is a liar. All politicians are liars, all of them have more money then me, and i dont see them as really relatable. I dont trust him because he seems like he wants to be the most powerful man in the world by any means. He wants to be POTUS so bad he can taste it, and will do anything to accomplish this. i think americans should be taken aback by a man wanting so much control. This man for the next 4 years will have control over our basic human rights. He can alter things the way he sees fit. Yes, congress may be there to curtail any craziness that the POTUS could start. But congress is in Romney's corner. What ever craziness he comes up with, they will back. America's have to remember this! Congress is what has been blocking all of obama's ideas that some republicans even support (the sane republicans). they want less gov, but they want to pass laws that interfer in our personal lives. before you vote, think about who has the majority of americas interest in mind. Think about who wants to continue to allow women to control their bodies. Who wants make healthcare more accessible? Who wants change the meaning of the word rape? Who wants take away much needed funds for kids to go to college? Who wants tell two people in love they cant get married because they are the same sex?

I know the answer to these questions and I know who I'm voting for.

End of Rant!