Wow, I am overwhelmed by the love and support from everyone here. I need to stop taking everything so personally and negatively. I never thought to take it as a way of saying, "Your hair doesn't look frizzy and it looks shiny", lol.

I don't have any pictures of my hair wet, never thought to do that but would be a great comparison. I will though, my next wash day.

I guess I could wear my bangs curly and just pin them back if they look too atrocious. I don't really enjoy the maintenance and the damage I'm doing to them. I try to get my hair to clump and the side of my head that my bangs rest on is pretty thin. So the clumps in bangs really show off my lack of hair on my temples. Did that make any sense? I'm getting tired of camouflaging my temples.

Please don't accuse me of fishing for compliments. I just wanted your opinion.