I am sooo not sorry to see Russell go. What a jackhole. So the man has never failed or lost at anything his entire life? Sure, whatever.
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His sportsmanship was atrocious, I liked him on the previous season, but they'd also made him captain so perhaps I forgave some of his arrogance? (or maybe they didn't lose enough for him to act like such a... Jerk. A big jerk.) Drawing all that attention to himself after they lost really just took away from the win everyone else was excited about. Yes, big jerk.

I felt a tiny bit bad for RC, getting played as she did. If she doesn't do something soon I think she won't last long (and we will be stuck with Abi!)

Also very proud of Lisa this week, she's getting the hang of the social game, fanning the flames of the abi/ rc drama.

Noticed baseball.dude is wearing a knee brace now (in the challenge) so he.must have had medical help (or brought a brace with him? But if that is the case, why didn't he put it on the minute they hit the beach?)

Any guesses on who gets medical help next week? Has a woman ever been medi vacced? Previews made me assume it was a man.

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