I think you might be using too much product. I use use Shea Moisture Restorative as my leave-in, and I definitely don't need to use an additional rinse-out with it because it's so moisturizing. You said you cowashed, used a rinse-out, applied a leave-in, then used two stylers and and once more to SOTC. 3 conditioners and 3 stylers would, at least for my hair, not play well because my hair gets--for lack of a better term--confused and overwhelmed when I use more than just a few products. Plus, that must get expensive when you have to rebuy when you run out!

The cowashing probably cannot remove all of the product, causing the plasticky feeling. I'd recommend cutting out a few products. I would remove the rinse-out, pomade, and the gel, leaving you with just the low poo, cowash, leave-in, and KCCC. My hair gets weighed down easily, so cowashing never worked for me. I only use a low poo, leave-in, and styler right now, and my hair is very happy!

Hope that helps(:
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Thanks! I didn't even think about that. The reason I'd been using both a rinse out and a leave-in is because I was under the impression that after your cowash, you should apply a heavier conditioner to actually condition your hair, rinse most of that out, and then apply a bit more as a leave-in (I read that in Live Curly, Live Free). I used to just use one conditioner for that purpose, but I found I was using too much of it and it was too expensive for me to keep using that much, so I bought a cheaper conditioner as the rinse out. But I'll cut down to one and see if it helps. This morning I used just the Shea conditioner and scrunched in some of my gel. I've found that I can't use KCCC on its own because it doesn't have enough hold and my hair ends up looking fluffy and somewhat frizzy. But it really helps with curl activation. So I was using a gel on top of that to help with hold. It's so hard not to become a product junkie!
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Oh, OK! That totally makes sense. Whatever works for you! And I completely understand about the product junkie part, hahha...
With KCCC, I had the same problem. Now, I look for products that can do more than one job at once instead of having to buy more to use with it. Now, I'm very happy with my routine, but keep in mind it took months to finally find it! hahaha, hence the product junkie Also, if your one conditioner is really good, you might now even need a rinse out! I use the SM Restorative as my leave-in, and it's so great that I don't need an RO. But that's just me! Everyone's hair is different(:

Good luck!
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