There was a movie a few years ago made by HBO or Showtime or something called "B@stard out of Carolina" which starred a very young Jenna Malone. Jennifer Jason Leigh plays her mother who gets involved with an abusive man who rapes Malone's character, infact repeatedly if I recall correctly. At times I thought it got rather graphic and physical and I don't remember such a fuss being made over that.

This movie doesn't sound like it shows the rape in any sort of extreme way, and I read there are more sexually suggestive scenes in this movie involving Dakota Fanning other than the rape scene, which sounds pretty timid to me, it sounds like it is just implied but not actually shown to any graphic extent.

I'm curious to see what happens reguarding the allegations of exploitation, child pornography and abuse.
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ooooh that movie is tough to watch. TOUGH to watch.